Customized Programs


Our staff begins by assessing a client’s past and current health, and medical background. Our staff will evaluate their exercise history and current fitness level.

We assess:

▸ Health

▸ Movement

▸ Balance

▸ Strength


We utilizes a Client Assessment to design a Customized Training Program.

We design:

▸ Schedules

▸ Recovery Techniques

▸ Exercises

▸ Menus


Our Fitness Instructors will be teaching, coaching, and instructing clients on the proper sequence of specific movements and positioning.

We instruct:

▸ Cardio

▸ Strength

▸ Flexibility

▸ Sculpting



To maximize the entire clients effort The R4 System utilizes a reassessment to prepare the client for the next phase of training, recovery, and nutrition.

We reassess:

▸ Vitals

▸ Progress

▸ Performance

▸ Goals


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